Common Dental Emergencies and How to Prevent Them?

Dental emergencies include gum disease, tooth decay and a chipped tooth. If you are suffering from one of these problems, consult an emergency dentist. Good oral care is the best way to take care of your teeth, and knowing when to avail the services of an expert dentist helps you avoid long-term damage. If you do not know what the common dental emergencies are, you will not be able to deal with them. A quick response is key to receiving immediate treatment that will help restore your oral health.



If you have bitten down on hard foods, it might result in a chipped or cracked tooth. According to the emergency dentists in Toronto, a chipped or broken tooth ruins your smile. Immediately contact a dental office with a 24 Hours emergency dentist

In the meantime, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and apply gauze to the bleeding area. After that, apply a cold compress to the face area nearest to the chipped tooth as it will help you get instant relief from the immense pain.


Pain is not a good sign; it can indicate numerous conditions, including tooth decay. Some toothaches do not require emergency treatment as one can manage them at home. However, the presence of swelling usually requires you to seek emergency dental care. 

Do not take any painkiller or aspirin as contact with infected gums can burn the tissue. Applying a cold compress on the outside of your cheek is a better option. Knowing the difference between urgent and non-urgent emergencies saves your tooth.


Handling a knocked-out tooth is similar to the way you deal with a chipped tooth. Pick up the exposed part of the tooth by the crown and rinse the root if it has dirt. According to expert dentists, you should avoid removing the attached tissue fragments or scrubbing the tooth…

Furthermore, try not to push it into the socket if you can put back your teeth in place. The chances of restoring knocked out teeth rely on how soon you can do this. If you cannot insert your tooth back, place it in a small cup with milk and immediately visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible.


According to the emergency dentist, crowns and fillings are optimal to restore damaged teeth. Therefore, when your crowns or filling break, you must book an appointment with an expert immediately to keep the damage to the minimum. While waiting for emergency dental care, you should stick a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity. Do not try to fix the tooth yourself; instead, place the crown in a zip-loc bag and take it to the dental clinic. It will help the expert restore the crown or fit a new one.


Having braces is a challenging experience; these metal wires withstand daily chewing, and eating. These metal wires can also break and poke your gums, slowing down your overall progress in aligning teeth and causing discomfort. Immediately call for a 24 Hour Emergency Dentist to get instant treatment.

In the meantime, push broken wires into a comfortable position. If this is not possible, cover the exposed part with the help of orthodontic wax (a tiny piece of gauze). Do not try to cut the wire in an attempt to avoid swelling.


The expert emergency dentists in Toronto explain that mouth infections, especially near the root or in the space between gums and teeth, are serious. They can spread around the teeth and gum tissues, even the rest of the body, if untreated. If you are not sure about whether or not you have an abscess, check your gums and look for a swollen spot. Do not wait and call for an emergency appointment to avoid worse oral problems. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply ice to the swollen area for instant relief from pain.


Experiencing pain is normal after a tooth extraction. However, one should call an emergency dentist if the pain persists for hours. Place a thick gauze pad over the site of extraction in the meantime, and bite down on the gauze to apply pressure. Moreover, you should stay away from smoking and avoid drinking and eating.

Oral health is a blessing, and nothing can replace natural teeth. Therefore, one should brush regularly and report to their dentist in case of any issues. At any point in time, we might have to face the oral problems mentioned above. At such times, we should coordinate with dentists and get instant solutions. However, often we do not have access to emergency services and leaving the oral issues untreated can lead to severe problems. Therefore, we offer you some basics of preventing oral emergencies, which might help you avoid risky situations.


If you are a sportsperson, participating in multiple activities throughout the day, you have to do it without risking your smile. Try to avoid rough plays, which can cause injury to your face or mouth. Use a mouth guard before heading out in the field to protect yourself from oral emergencies.


Although humans have strong teeth, you might be surprised to know they can be chipped or cracked easily. Chewing ice and hard candies can lead to a broken tooth.


People are often habitual of biting their nails and chewing pen caps and items other than food. Do you know this unnecessary chewing can lead to chipped or cracked teeth? Keep yourself busy with sugar-free gum to redirect this habit.

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